Basic Contracting Services, Inc. (BCSi) specializes in armed and unarmed security officers and services, facilities maintenance, lodging operations, food services, and maid and janitorial services. We have headquarters in New Mexico, with contracts throughout the United States. BCSi is a fully staffed, 24 hour-a-day service company formed to provide high quality, reliable services to Federal, State & Local Governments and Commercial Clients. Our success is due to our commitment to be flexible and provide the service as required by our clients rather than to attempt to fit the clients' needs to a pre-packaged line of services. We possess a strong management team that will commit to the success of our awarded contracts. BCSi has management systems in place ready to deliver quality services at a cost-effective price.

BCSi has proven capability in winning and successfully executing services contracts. We are committed to fulfilling and exceeding the high standards of excellence in these industries. The organizational and individual commitments of our staff of managerial and operational personnel are the basis for the strength of our team. BCSi approaches every service we perform with the goal being 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Company plans each mission and systematically implements our proven techniques. We consider that a foremost, thorough assessment of the requirements matched with the inventory of our Company assets (personnel, financial, and management systems), ensures mission success. In the final analysis, the following attributes, integral to our company's experience and philosophy, will allow us to provide effective service: Long-Term Protective Service Expertise - Critical to sustained operational capability. Management Systems - Application of proven automated cost and project control systems to deliver services at the most effective prices. Company Commitment - Vital to project team cohesiveness and contract over-sight in daily project implementation. Responsiveness is a distinguishing element in our approach.